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stuck in our ways

I know as a blonde, that sometimes we can be stuck in our ways. It can feel scary or risky to try something different when we have been used to having light hair for so long... but I want to give some encouragement in case you find yourself EVER feeling bored and wanting to step out on the edge a little bit.

One way you can try something new and different is by either adding some darker dimension, one to two shades darker than that light pretty level you are now, to add some contrast and fun to your hair.

OR you can play with different tones of blonde such as coppers, golds..or even do rose golds, blush pinks, subtle violets such as lilacs (just for some examples)..tones that are the same level of lightness you are now or you could even do light shades of vivid tones if you were feeling really bold and brave. Depending on how often you shampoo your hair, these different tones will fade out right back to your normal blonde you are used to.

I know sometimes when we think of blonde hair we think of basic natural or cool tones. But in reality blonde can go in so many different directions. If you ever want to explore and play. Or just simply need some suggestions for something new, let me know and I'd be happy to chat with you

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